Common Reasons Why Your Fridge Isn’t Working

If your fridge isn’t working, you have to tackle the issue right away to prevent your goods from going bad. A couple of issues can be solved with easy maintenance tasks. On the other hand, some will need the intervention of an expert.  

It’s extremely crucial that you determine what’s wrong with your fridge. This will help you diagnose and deal with the issue correctly. Today, we’re going to share with you some of the most common reasons why your fridge isn’t working. It’s better to know more before you contact an Appleton appliance repair and maintenance company. 

Evaporator Fan Motor Isn’t Functioning 

Your fridge will have one or more evaporator fan motors. This depends on the model. If your model has a single fan, you can find it in the freezer compartment. For those who don’t know, the evaporator fan motor circulates the cold air from the evaporator coils across the compartment. You might have a cold freezer if the fan motor is not working. However, your fridge compartment will not be cool. 

Broken Condenser Fan Motor 

There may be an issue with the condenser fan motor if the fridge is not cool enough. The job of the condenser fan motor is to draw air over the condenser coils to cool them. Your fridge can overheat easily and not properly cool without a fan that’s operating properly.  

You can find the condenser fan motor under or behind the fridge. You’ll probably have to hire a professional if the fan motor isn’t working.  

Condenser Coils Are Dirty 

Is your fridge not cooling but is operating well? The heat from the inside of the fridge is released by the condenser coil. The fridge will have to work harder to get rid of the heat if the coils are dirty.  

You need to clean the condenser coil every year. If you’ve got a lot of pet hair or dust in your kitchen, you might have to clean it more than once a year. A dirty coil might influence the performance of your fridge. However, you can use a long brush or vacuum to clean it.  

Blocked Vents 

The temperature inside the fridge is maintained via a series of external and internal vents. It’s crucial that these vents stay open to keep a constant temperature. People will often block the vents unknowingly when storing objects around the fridge or storing food inside.  

These vents might be blocked partially by debris such as spilled food or dirt. It can affect the temperature inside the fridge.  

Thermostat is Acting Up 

A fridge that isn’t cooling might be caused by something simple. Oftentimes, the dial of your thermostat gets too low. This causes the fridge temperature to rise. This might occur if you’ve got kids or people who likes to mess around with the thermostat.  

People often find the thermostat numbers confusing. That’s why they turn the dial in the wrong direction. Simply keep in mind that you can make the fridge cooler if you make the numbers higher.