Tree Diseases that Might Need Tree Service 

Trees have an immune system as well, just like humans. Because of this, they can also fall victim to various kinds of illnesses.  

You might think that you don’t need a tree service. However, have you recently taken a close look at your trees? According to tree experts, there can be hidden threats lurking in your trees that only professionals can see.  

Here are several diseases to look for that can indicate you need a Lexington tree service 

Fire Blight 

You can have fire blight if the leaves on your trees begin looking dead and red. This deadly illness has the possibility to kill every leaf on the tree if you do not hire a professional tree care company as soon as possible. Fire blight will cause all the leaves to die and will eventually fall off at the roots.  


Your tree might have bagworms if you see small lint like creatures on the trunk of your trees or near the roof of your house. Bagworms will slowly eat the leaves of your tree. They can also cause a lot of issues if you ignore them. Make sure you hire a professional tree care company when you see one.  

Witches Broom 

Your tree might be suffering from Witches Broom Disease if you see odd clusters of twigs on the tree’s branches. This is typically caused by parasites, a bacterial infection, or stress. If this is the case, you need to hire a professional to remedy the problem right away.  

Leaf Rust 

Leaf rust is one of the most noticeable indications of a sick tree. It’s a type of tree diseases that will attack the leaves of your tree. Examine for raised white spots on the leaf’s backside. If you see one, it’s an early indication that you’ve got a fungal infection. 


Take a close look at the branches and trunks of your tree. You can be dealing with Cankers if a blunt force has affected the tree or it has been infected with fungi or bacteria. Cankers typically look like dead holes or patches on parts of the tree.  

Anthracnose Disease 

Anthracnose is an extremely popular fungus that can affect trees. This is particularly true if the tree is located in a damp environment or if it has a lot of foliage. The foliage makes it better for the fungus to thrive in the dark/shade and to hide. Anthracnose has a direct impact on the tree’s leaves.  

Anthracnose disease will appear as yellow or brown spots that sometimes lead to tiny holes forming in the leaves where the spots appear. If it is affecting cultivated edibles, the disease can lower vegetable or fruit production. On the other hand, it can cause stunted tree growth. Furthermore, it can cause leaf defoliation to your plants.  

Even if you do not suspect that your tree has a disease, it is always an excellent move to call a professional tree care company for yearly or bi-yearly tree inspection. This will help prevent any diseases from killing your tree.