Ways to Treat Your Storm-Damaged Trees

Usually, storms can have a great impact on trees, which will normally need care and inspection only by certified arborists and tree specialists. In other severe cases, your trees can possibly be removed to save other trees in your yard. If you are searching for storm damage, look for signs of cracks in major limbs and trunk, and partially dangling or broken branches in the crown.   


How to treat a tree that’s damaged by a storm? 

Heeding caution is the most important part of taking care and maintaining your trees. Once a tree is damaged, it can become unstable. Because of that, you need to be extremely careful as you check it. To assist you in assessing your storm-damaged trees, here are 5 beneficial tips you need to keep in mind: 

  • Wait before you fertilize your trees 

Even if your intentions are initially good, think whether your actions can assist the trees. If you think that your trees lack and really need particular nutrients such as nitrogen, you have to wait until the following season arrives to fertilize them. This is to prevent the fertilizers from being washed away due to rains.  

  • Never rush while treating less damaged parts of your trees 

After you have successfully eliminated the extremely affected parts of the tree, you need to be patient and allow the tree to heal itself. Never rush into trimming off branches that seem to be uneven. Rather, you have to wait until you can observe growing sprouts and allow the trees to get back what was lost. Aside from this, you need to prune them to make their appearance better.  

  • Utilizing tree pruning services 

Strong winds and heavy rains can most likely erode the roots’ soil holding, break tree limbs, wash away mulch, and damage young and tender plants. When it is safe, you have to get rid of dead parts and damaged parts of the trees to allow them to heal and recover faster. Moreover, you can create clean trimming cuts to aid in closing the wounds. If you’re not armed with the tools and knowledge to treat the trees, then we highly recommend that you utilize and avail of the trusted tree service Houston, including pruning, trimming, and even removing an entire tree and allow them to efficiently do the job for you.  

  • Make sure if you really need a tree removal service from the experts 

Usually, storms can result in severe harm to your trees, such as taking off a particular portion of the crown, breaking off limbs, and exposing their roots. In such instances, it wouldn’t be a great idea to treat them by yourself, especially if you lack the skills and information about how to do them properly. Rather, you need to hire the best professional tree removal services in town to help treat your trees that are greatly affected and damaged beyond repair.  

Though storms could result in severe tree damages, you can actually save them from removal or permanent damage by utilizing the trusted services of expert arborists.  

5 Benefits of Tree Trimming

Like human beings, trees also need to be trimmed. Remember how you used to complain about your hair’s split ends and it being fuzzy? It’s because the longer the hair becomes, the more it has split ends. The solution to this is to trim your hair a little bit so you give more room for healthy hair to grow. In the case of trees, it’s also the same.

If you don’t trim the dead leaves and branches, the tree will become unhealthy. A properly trimmed tree means it will grow healthily. According to professionals of tree service, regularly trimming the trees is beneficial sometimes tree removal Cincinnati might even be needed. What are these benefits? They are as follows.

1. Reduces Hazard in Your Property

If the tree grows too much of its leaves and branches, it will become a hazard to your property or the people around. Falling limbs and branches are dangerous, especially if you’re in a busy neighborhood. These branches can affect the electricity lines and might fall off anytime on passing cars. It’s important that you think of your family and neighbor’s safety, especially if you have big trees.

2. Increase in Property Value

Aside from the safety benefits of regularly trimming your trees, it’s also important to keep the good looks of your property. A well-trimmed tree contributes to the aesthetics appeal of your curb and yard. Pruning the small limbs and branches of your trees will contribute to the appearance of the tree. Aside from keeping the tree beautiful, trimming also maintains its good health. If you plan to sell your house in the future, a god looking yard with well-trimmed trees are attractive for buyers. People will have this perception that you take good care of your home well.

3. Contributes to the Benefits of Composting

Composting is a great method of fertilization and recycling. If you are into composting, then you will find the idea of trimming a great one. It’s beneficial because the limbs and leaves that fall off from the tree can be added to your compost pile. Should you need fertilizer to grow more plants, you just take from the compost pit. It’s really the circle of life. The leaves that fell from the tree will help you grow another one.

4. Keeps the Tree Healthy

If the trees are always well-maintained, you would notice that their lifespan will extend. It’s because trimming the limbs and branches will give way for stronger and new ones to grow. It also prevents the tree from developing weak and broad branches. Trimming the tree will help it grow its size and also grow flowers or produce fruits.

5. Increased Sun Exposure

Aside from the aesthetics and health benefits of trimming the tree, it also increases the sun exposure and air circulation. The tree will allow extra light to permeate throughout the property. Having trees around the house increases the air circulation and it makes you feel closer to nature. You also allow birds and other species to find their new habitat.