Advocacy Update

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month (PAM). The Advocacy Representative (Kirsten Sweet) and Communications Representative (Kirsten Tangedal) are working together to organize information booths in the Regina General Hospital and Pasqua Hospital. Fourth year pharmacy students will set up and run the booths on March 13 from 11h30 to 13h30 in the cafeteria. Additionally, various CSHP SK Branch members will be promoting PAM on radio and television. 

Over the past several months the Advocacy Committee completed a review and renewal survey. The purpose of this survey was to ensure optimal value and use of resources as well as to ensure engagement of membership within the committee. The review was led by Patrick Fitch, Internal Liaison Presidential Officer for CSHP. The survey was sent to CSHP Advocacy Committee Members (current and/or former within previous two years), CSHP External Liaison Presidential Officer, CSHP Delegates, and to on other CSHP Branch Executive member from each branch. The survey was divided into five sections to assess: General advocacy services/responsibilities, perceived importance of responsibilities for the next 1-2 years, satisfaction with Advocacy Committee (only completed by Advocacy Committee members), review of Advocacy Committee effectiveness (only completed by Advocacy Committee members), and Self-Performance Assessment (only completed by Advocacy Committee members). 

The Results

Section 1 – General

Generally, 88% (22/25) respondents believed that CSHP should have a group focused on advocacy and were aware of the CSHP Advocacy and Communications toolkit. Only 52% (13/25) were aware of the processes CSHP follows to complete national consultations on issues and only 56% (14/25) respondents were aware of the process CSHP follows to develop position statements. 

Section 2 – Perceived Importance of responsibilities for the next 1-2 years

From the results of 25 respondents, the top three perceived responsibilities for the next 1 to 2 years were: Identifying current national and provincial issues that may affect hospital pharmacy and may warrant a proactive or reactive campaign at the national or branch level, maintaining a knowledge and understanding of advocacy issues across the country as well as information sharing, and serving as a resource for the branches on advocacy issues.  

Section 3 – Satisfaction with Advocacy Committee (Members only) 

Of the 9 respondents, 56% (5/9) were satisfied with their personal experiences as a member of the CSHP Advocacy Committee, although 56% (5/9) were dissatisfied with the performance of the Advocacy Committee. The dissatisfaction was felt to be due to lack of local focus on advocacy campaigns. 

Section 4 – Review of CSHP Advocacy Committee Effectiveness (Members only) 

The majority of respondents agreed that the committee size and composition is appropriate. The majority also agreed that the committee could improve on recruitment processes for new advocacy members. 

Section 5 – Self-Performance Assessment (Members only) 

The majority of respondents regularly participate in committee meetings, review meeting materials prior to schedule meeting times, complete action items, provide a written report the provincial branches, and actively promote CSHP to colleagues and contacts. Committee members felt they would like to participate more in the development of practices and policies.

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