Announcing a New CSHP SK Branch Award – The Hospital Pharmacy Advancement Award

This new award is sponsored by the CSHP SK Branch. Here’s a little more about it:


This award is given annually to a Saskatchewan CSHP member or supporter (eg, hospital pharmacist, group of hospital pharmacists or department, pharmacy student interested in a career in hospital pharmacy, primary care pharmacist, or oncology pharmacist). To be eligible, applicants/departments must have been involved in the promotion of Pharmacy Awareness Month in the current year. The award will be presented to the successful applicant/department at the annual AGM. The recipient(s) will receive a plaque commemorating their achievement.

Nominations for this award will open during the general awards call for nominations later this spring or early summer. In the meantime, please review the information below to gain further insight into the selection of the successful candidate(s).

Selection of Candidates

At least one candidate must be a member in good standing of CSHP SK Branch, and must have held membership for over one year. The submission should include a description of the Pharmacy Awareness Month campaign. The campaign should have a clear emphasis on promoting the hospital pharmacy profession, the role of the pharmacist, and the value of pharmaceutical care. It may take the format of a poster, presentation, video, radio or television presence, etc. Submission of media files (photos, audio, video, etc) is allowed to help give perspective on the campaign. Selection shall be based upon:

  1. Potential impact of the campaign.
  2. Quality of the hospital promotion.
  3. Ability of the campaign to go beyond the hospital.
  4. Creativity and originality.

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