Best Catch Award

This PostScript edition’s Best Catch Award goes to Lore Ogilvie, an ER Pharmacist at the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region.

While working as the ER pharmacist, a nurse approached Lore requesting a pre-printed order (PPO) form for alteplase, as a frantic surgeon had given them a verbal order for a patient and required the medication urgently. Rather than just print off the PPO, Lore questioned the nurse as to the indication for therapy and what the patient had presented with. After receiving this information she saw no compelling indication, and instructed the harried nurse to wait while she contacted the physician. As it turns out, the physician wanted octaplex, not alteplase, since the patient required emergent surgery. It was all a miscommunication under pressure that could have ended poorly had a pharmacist not been involved. Great job, Lore!

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