Best Catch Award

Over the last few months, Regina General Hospital and Pasqua Hospital have piloted ‘technician order entry’ with very optimistic results. This pilot was an extension of Wascana Rehabilitation Centre’s technician order entry project that has been ongoing for over a year now.

Technician order entry pulls a lot of technical work off of a pharmacist’s plate, allowing us to provide more clinical services to the patients that we care for. Additionally, the practice of a technician entering and pharmacist checking has allowed for a double check on every order that is now written. This will contribute to better recognition of errors in written orders, and may help us enhance patient safety in the future.

With that, I would like to recognise Jenni Janking for her catch during routine order entry early on in this pilot. While entering an unrelated order, she noticed that hydralazine 25 mg was ordered on the same physician order form from previously. Checking against the patient’s profile, she noted that hydroxyzine 25 mg had been entered in place of this hydralazine. Catching this error early on prevented unwanted side effects from hydroxyzine, and allowed the patient to receive appropriate therapy sooner rather than later.

Great work Jenni, and thanks again to all the technicians who have been working hard throughout this pilot project.

Submitted by Kirsten Tangedal

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