Branch Delegate Report – Summer 2017

The last time I had to the opportunity to interact with many of you was in October as Saskatchewan served as host to the inaugural CSHP AGM in its latest format (previously held in conjunction with Summer Education Sessions). Time flies. On that note: in my 5 years as the CSHP SK Branch delegate, which has flown by, I’ve seen an incredible amount of high-quality work completed by a large pool of engaged members and a dedicated stable CSHP staff. But never in the 5 years do I recall quite so much ‘new’ in such a short period. In the last year, we’ve seen the new roving format for the autumn board meetings, a new CSHP logo, new official publications on Medical-assistance in Dying and National Pharmacare, and as of earlier this month, a brand new website. You simply must check out It’s the modern website our membership deserves and can be proud of – it looks great, and over time and through usage, you’ll find it’s also incredibly functional. It has the latest in content management, advanced search technology, and social media integration.

As CSHP roles out all of this new content, one thing that won’t be changing over in 2018, as originally planned, is the strategic plan. The latest plan was initially scheduled for 2015 to 2018. However, it will be extended for 2 more years, to 2020. This is because several strategic initiatives were targeted for the 2nd and 3rd year; after a year and a half into the plan cycle, limited data is available to assess overall progress and achievement of certain strategic goals. By extending, the longer time frame allows us to gain better metrics and ultimately make even better decisions. What this means is that we’ll be focusing on the same goals and objectives for the next few years. Several of the targets will be lengthened to account for the longer time available, and the plan will continue to undergo regular review to ensure it’s timely and practical.

My next board meeting will be late September in Fredericton, New Brunswick. It’s at that meeting that we’ll see Patrick Fitch sworn in as CSHP president. Patrick is a BSP – a university of Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy graduate – and he’s also a well-known Roughrider fan. If you know Patrick, you are likely excited about his upcoming presidency. If you have yet to meet Patrick, I think you will find he’s more like us than he is different. He is incredibly relatable, loyal, and hard-working.

Patrick will be accepting the torch from current president, Lauza Saulnier. Lauza has already accomplished a lot as the president, including an completely updated strategic plan measurement process. But one of her greatest contributions is serving as a critical lead on the CSHP Excellence Initiative. CSHP Excellence is the single engaging initiative for CSHP members as a follow-up to the hugely successful CSHP 2015 campaign. In the last few months, several Excellence items have come to fruition, including the one-pager available on the CSHP website. More on the CSHP Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy Initiative will be shared in the coming months.

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