Branch Highlights

Greetings from CSHP SK! Welcome to Spring!

I write this in late February with some optimism that the bitterly cold weather we experienced in Prince Albert this winter will not come back in March. By the time you read this you will know whether I was hopelessly misguided or bravely confident.

March has always been my favourite month. Since I graduated university, it became even more special, because of course March is Pharmacist Awareness Month (PAM). There are many CSHP-related PAM events happening this month around the province, and I encourage you to read Amanda Regier’s and Kirsten Tangedal’s article detailing some of them in this issue of the PostScript.

You may be wondering how to help support PAM. One easy thing to do is talking to your friends and family about it, or perhaps using social media. If someone famous follows you on Twitter, this could be the right time to harness their celebrity. CSHP has a useful webpage located here which is filled with stories and resources. Maybe putting up one of CSHP’s suggested posters in your workplace is an option. And hey, if you’re a creative type, here’s a crazy idea – what if we tried funding a pharmacist board game on Kickstarter? You could draw cards from the “C&S” deck, and better hope you don’t pick up MRSA! If you have a good idea for how to support PAM, but you’re reading this at the end of March, I have good news for you – today is the perfect day to start planning PAM 2019.

The second thing I wanted to bring to your attention – which in a lot of ways goes hand-in-hand with PAM – is the CSHP Excellence initiative. You may remember some discussion of CSHP Excellence at our AGM last fall. If you haven’t already checked out the Excellence website, I encourage you to do so here. Expect to hear a lot more about this initiative in the coming years.

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