Branch Highlights December 2017

Greetings from your former Awards Chair!

As I type this, my wife Jesse and I watching a Christmas movie. (Well, Jesse is watching, and I am singing the best songs very loudly.) Christmas is a special time of year; a time for reflection and renewal. When I reflect on CSHP SK Branch, I am reminded of the hard work of our volunteers and the talent of our members. The Branch is strong, and I am confident we can keep it that way.

On the subject of renewal, we have some exciting additions to council.

  • For 2018 I’ll be moving into the position of President-Elect. Filling the Award Chair shoes will be Marc Legge. Marc, I look forward to seeing what you do with the position. A big thanks to my Awards Committee of Amy Smith, Jen Bolt, and Jonathan Mailman for all your support over the last two years.
  • Caitlin Roy, our dedicated Fundraising Czar of last year, has been given a big promotion to Treasurer.
  • Marlys LeBras joins council for the first time as our new Secretary.
  • We’ve upgraded to three Education Co-Chairs this year. Joining Nkem Iroh are Andrea Tang and Mike Stuber.
  • Leaving council are Jennifer Bolt, Leslie Dagg, Andrea Holaday, and Rabiah Siddiqui. Thanks to all for outstanding multi-year service to the Branch.

My final act as Awards Chair is to tell you about our deserving awards winners of 2017. It was a pleasure as always to Emcee our Awards Night in October. I never get sick of saying this: we have an inspiring group of leaders in this province and I’m lucky to practice in Saskatchewan. Thank you to all who made our Awards Night a success – especially our sponsors.


Orest Buchko Award Awarded to Heather Hodgson, an outstanding new graduate. Heather is midway through her Residency in Saskatoon. As sponsored by Leo Pharma.
Residency Award Awarded to Laura Almas, for her project “Assessing the Magnitude and Impact of Medication Discrepancies in Hospitalized Adult Patients Requiring Critical Care Admission”. As sponsored by Pfizer.
Preceptorship Award Awarded to Darcy Lamb (of Saskatoon) and Jen Bolt (Regina) as picked by the outgoing Residents. As sponsored by Fresenius Kabi.
Merit Award Awarded to Lisa Rutherford for her project streamlining the Tinzaparin Bridging program in Prince Albert. As sponsored by HealthPRO.
New Hospital Practitioner Awarded to Jackie Myers for her outstanding leadership in Regina. As sponsored by CSHP Sask Branch.
Pharmacist of the Year Awarded to Lynette Kosar for her outstanding leadership with the RxFiles. As sponsored by Fresenius Kabi.
JL Summers Achievement Award Awarded to Ellen Kachur for her outstanding leadership in Humboldt. As sponsored by Leo Pharma.
Betty C Riddell Award Awarded to Barb Evans for her outstanding leadership in Saskatoon. As sponsored by Fresenius Kabi.


All the best in 2018, everyone.


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