President’s Report

Welcome, and welcome back, CSHP SK Branch Members! My name is Jacqueline Myers, and I am both thrilled and honoured to be serving as your Branch President for 2017-2018.

This is going to be an interesting year. By the time you are reading this, our individual health regions will have already merged into the Saskatchewan Health Authority, another group of pharmacy technicians will have passed their exams, entering into the world of licenced health care professionals, a patient may have asked you a question about starting medical marijuana, and Ray Joubert will have only three weeks remaining as Registrar. 

The practice of pharmacy is changing. And while we hear this plenty already, it will continue to hold true in 2018. 

What I would like to emphasize from my above greeting is that I am honoured to be serving as your president of your CSHP SK Branch. The significance of “your” cannot be stressed enough. We, the council, are here for you, our members, during this dynamic year, and for years to come. As per our vision, we desire to advocate, inspire leadership, and practice excellence for you. 

To help us succeed in achieving our vision, we ask for your engagement. Through your participation, volunteerism, feedback, and networking, we hope to learn how to better serve the needs of our membership. So I challenge you to participate in education events, volunteer on a committee, provide us with constructive feedback, and network every chance you get.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Don’t be a stranger! 

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