Small Hospital Report


The following items are in ongoing discussion

  1. Access to continuing education from teaching sites
    • High levels of interest has been expressed from small hospital pharmacists and managers to participate in educational sessions at least once a month.
    • GoTo Webinar web-enabled conferencing is now active and will greatly increase the opportunities for learning activities. Feedback has been requested regarding topics and presenters, as well as ideas for other ways to utilize this platform.
  2. Incentives for project work
    • Feedback has been requested to consider ways to engage small hospital pharmacists in quality improvement activities, clinical initiatives, or research. There has been discussion about how to provide resources and remove barriers that small hospitals often face. Consideration is being given to allocating a poster award to small hospital pharmacists, making available a grant to use for quality improvement activities, or other options.
  3. Requests have been made for pharmacists who provide direct patient care to participate in a small hospital committee for more regular communication

Sask/Manitoba Hospital Pharmacy Leadership & Management Seminar 2017

I had the honour of attending this year’s seminar at Elkhorn Resort, MB from September 21 to 23, 2017. The seminar featured a SK pharmacy leadership meeting and presentations relevant to management issues in the province such as narcotic diversion, medical marijuana, the updated NAPRA sterile compounding guidelines, pharmD programs, and other topics that promoted shared learning. The leadership meeting focused primarily on the transition to one health region in Saskatchewan and excellent discussion was had regarding concerns about governance structure and resource allocation for patient care. The pharmacy leaders in SK are committed to promoting highest scope of practice for pharmacy professionals to provide the best quality care, and to ensuring minimal standards of clinical practice are met for every patient regardless of their geographical location.

CSHP Student Symposium

I attended the CSHP Student Symposium on Sept 26, 2017 to represent small hospital pharmacists. I had the opportunity to share about a typical day as a hospital pharmacist, promote hospital pharmacy as a career, and answer questions from the students.

Other communications

I am a corresponding participant in RHA pharmacy working group meetings.

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