Small Hospitals Update

Small Hospital Teleconference

No teleconferences have been held since accepting the small hospital representative position. The following items will be discussed at a teleconference within 3 months:

  1. Access to continuing education from teaching sites
  2. Medication reconciliation process and issues
  3. Practice issues affecting direct-care small hospital pharmacists
  4. Advocacy for small hospital pharmacists and recognizing excellence
  5. Sharing knowledge, resources, and success
  6. Other

 Other communications

  1. An email has been sent to all the pharmacy managers of small hospitals introducing myself and asking for input. I have distributed a questionnaire (in conjunction with the education committee) regarding interest in continuing education via telehealth/webinars and have already received some valuable feedback. I have asked for a list of new hires to provide with a CSHP membership/welcome package and invited comments or ideas for items to discuss at council or at our teleconferences.
  2. Two other pharmacists expressed interest in being involved with CSHP and representing small hospitals. I will continue communication with them as an informal small hospital committee.
  3. I am a corresponding participant in RHA pharmacy working group meetings.


I’m looking forward to serving on CSHP SK Branch Council and representing small hospital pharmacists.

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